Heartland Home Inspection – Can You Do a Full Inspection With Snow On The Ground?

Can You Do a Full Inspection With Snow On The Ground? 1As much as we may try to avoid a big move during the winter, it is sometimes unavoidable. If you are looking to buy a house when temperatures are at their lowest; just know there may be a fresh coating of snow on the ground when the inspection takes place. For many, this is sometimes upsetting news. Fear, not reader, for there are some pros and cons to the situation.


Do It Twice

The initial inspection may not be thorough enough with an excess of snow. This may require a follow-up inspection. The property may change and the inspection will have a longer wait time.

Different image of the property

The entire purchasing process should be well thought out and viewed with optimism and honesty. Be honest with yourself, blizzards can make even the most attractive properties look compromised. So a sturdy house with a nice property may look less than stellar to those who aren’t fans of snow.


Get to see how the structure fares in winter

If there is snow piled on the roof, yes, you cannot see the shingles, but you will evaluate the building’s structural integrity. Knowing it can withstand a heavy snowstorm is peace of mind in its own right.


Plumbing hazards can be costly and can devastate your home. The winter months can be brutal with temperature swings sometimes causing pipes to freeze and crack. In the winter you will get a sneak peek of how your potential home will perform during the winter.


Winter weather aids in finding drafts within the structure. The ability to locate cold spots and determine their severity is essential, and an aspect not fully investigated in warmer months.

We will do it again

There are key factors to the home’s readiness if there is an overabundance of snow. If this is the case, we will return to the property after the initial inspection and supplement the original service at no additional charge!

Thank you for reading this blog and we hope it provided you with the information needed to make an educated decision. We understand the complexities of the real estate industry, so if you have to move during the winter, call us ASAP! Heartland Home Inspections will provide you the most thorough and efficient service possible all year long!