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As fully licensed, insured, and Certified Master Home Inspectors, we specialize in the industry’s most thorough home inspections. This dedication has made us the go-to home inspection company for first-time home buyers, real estate attorneys, and realtors seeking the best for their clients. Both of our field home inspectors hold the coveted Certified Master Home Inspector (CMI) designation – the industry’s highest professional honor. They adhere to the strictest Code of Ethics, undergo comprehensive background screening, and stay updated through continuous education. At Heartland Home Inspections, we’re committed to delivering professionalism and thoroughness like no other. Our innovative “Heartland Advantage” is a testament to our dedication to providing unmatched peace of mind.

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Dual Expertise Unleashed:

The “Heartland Advantage” empowers us to provide the most comprehensive and accurate home inspections anywhere. Choosing Heartland Home Inspections means choosing precision and understanding. Our commitment to quality, accuracy, and reliability positions us as the most trusted name in home inspections.

Experience the “Heartland Advantage” firsthand – elevate your home buying journey. Schedule your inspection today and discover why Heartland Home Inspections is setting new industry standards. Many home inspectors work for realtor referrals, we work for client referrals!
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Certified Licensed master Inspector - Phase 1

Our seasoned Master Inspector leaves no detail unnoticed. With extensive experience, they conduct a comprehensive physical inspection, considering every aspect that influences your buying decisions through the most detailed inspection reports in the industry.

Licensed home Inspector - Phase 2

After the initial inspection, our second Licensed Home Inspector diligently audits the report. Every comment, picture, and finding is meticulously reviewed to enhance accuracy and reliability.

Ed was nothing short of awesome. His professionalism and expertise were unmatched. The knowledge he has and shares was welcoming during the home buying experience. I would recommend Ed to anyone looking to receive an expert, professionally prepared, flawless, home inspection report.

Matt Z. | Google Review

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Whether you’re buying or selling a property, you need a professional home inspection to determine current or potential opportunities that need improvement with the home. As a fully licensed, certified, and insured home inspection company, we specialize in the most thorough home inspections in the industry. Our mission is to give you the most detailed overview of the home. Our team of certified professional home inspectors have decades of experience in both home improvement construction and real estate property management and are here to provide the complete picture of residential properties throughout New Jersey. We are never influenced by realtors or property owners when performing a home inspection which is why we are the most trusted company around!! Our client’s wellbeing and our integrity are worth much more than any realtor referral. For this reason, we are the number one recommended home inspection company by real estate attorneys and past clients.

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We maintain a 5-star review on Google and are A-Rated on Angie’s List!

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