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Oil Tank Sweep

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Oil Tank Sweep

Underground oil tanks can be an environmental hazard. It’s important to understand if the home you are buying has an underground oil tank or not. Underground oil tanks can leak and contaminate the ground costing you tens of thousands of dollars. During the home inspection processes, it’s important to evaluate the grounds for any potential storage tank hidden underground. The last thing you want to do is inherit someone else’s problem! A magnetic survey will be conducted over a 30’ perimeter of the home with the Fisher FML-3 Magnetic Locator. The magnetometer utilizes two sensors that detect the magnetic field generated by ferromagnetic objects. The difference in magnetic field strength between the two sensors indicates a magnetic field generated by ferromagnetic objects.

If there are past records indicating the removal of a past underground oil tank it’s still important to perform a tank sweep. Many times, we find that the property had more than one underground tank. Have peace of mind when buying or selling your home and have Heartland Home Inspections perform your underground oil tank sweep today. Discounts available if bundled with a home inspection.

Oil tank being dug up
Buried Oil Storage Tank

Complete Underground Storage Tank Inspection includes:

  • Visual interior inspection for evidence of a past or present underground tank.
  • Visual exterior inspection for evidence of a past or present underground tank.
  • Ferro-Magnetic Locator sweep of a 30’ perimeter of the home.
  • Probe of the ground up to 36” deep to further confirm a continues metal tank or metal object.
  • Marking of any suspect areas needing further evaluation.
  • Written Report

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